Cold day~

HAHAHHAHAHA dont worry ruki~ IT SHALL NEVER HAPPEN are even shorter den me. LAWLS!!!

i officially hate thurs. cos the faci sucks and i feel stressed.
and most importantly. she commented on my fringe. ARE YOU MY MOM? you are jus a freakin FACILITATOR, hell, THATS NOT EVEN A CERTIFIED TEACHER. did i comment on how fugly you look? NO RIGHT? den dont you even touch on my fringe.


so ya. today was cold. hate cold. but i hate the heat too. dammit.


anyway. i know i have alot of weird dreams these days, from dreamin bout hannah montana to a full house of comics...but wth to that. last night was the final straw.
I WENT WTF at my dream. totally. and in my dream somemore =A=
i know it was a dream cos the moment i saw something, i knew it already. but I couldnt wake up. so yea.

so what did i dream of?

we were in the same place.
so like. he was being his usual him, ignoring me of course, but he did look at me once or twice...well. i suppose thats my last memory of him after we started talking again AFTER we cut contact for a year or more. why did i dream of him, i dont know. I mean...i dont even have a reason! the last time i see him, was cosfest, because i knew who he was cosplaying, so i saw him and recognised him straightaway, but he had his lowered face covered.
So anyway. I was alone, so i got bored and went wandering out of the shop[dunno what shop] and den to an ice-cream palour[AHAHAHA muz be the freeze in IRL] and saw lawliet and jon. So I joined them in gossiping.
after awhile, Zander actually came up and sat beside jon D8;;;
no matter, since jon is blocking him from my sight so i wont roll my eyes at him.

so halfway through gossiping. I forgot what I said, which interested Zander so much, that he turned his attention from some random stuff and actually leaned forward from behind of Jon so that he can listen to.

So being me, i decided to be sacarstic.
I remember I said:" well, look who's decided to be interested and join us?"
From what I remember, Zander is someone who doesnt take sacarsm very well. I expected him to stand up and walk away AND cut contact from me...AGAIN.
Did the most unexpected thing ever.
He. just. smiled.


thats when i really confirmed its a dream.
I mean i KNEW it was a dream, because the last time i see Zander in casual was AEONS ago BEFORE we cut contact.
And the last time Zander ever smiled at something I said was also AEONS ago BEFORE we cut contact.


there are just some memories you try so hard to forget but you just cant shake them off. Things that are buried and I never want to remember, are unearth. WAI ISH THAT ZO?

on the other hand. at least it was not a nightmare and it USED TO BE a happy memory.
i hope i dont have ANOTHER weird dream tonight about something that I do not want to remember about somebodyelse.


on the sick side of eye is swollen again

and my new fav song is Reila - the gAzettE
to me, its almost on par with Guren. the lyrics. beautiful.
i'll do a write up on it tomorrow.


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