Fast update

Kai's new image[according to what shinn told me because i don keep a tab on Gaze's movement]. i think it's love, but chiru thinks otherwaise because den kai be look like the drummer Yu from M.Opera.

anyhow, ytd after school we went out with kosmos,killer and yuchibunny. not really go out actually, its more of bring kosmos to the saloon auntie there to cut his hair.

I swear by lord that the auntie is so damn good as usual. So...we cut short and layered kosmos hair and den gave him a light brown shade. HIS HAIR BE LOOK DAMN ZAI NOW PLEASE.

remember how you guys always see him with a cap? next time you see him wearing a cap, FLIP IT OFF. HE HAS NO NEED FOR IT. his hair looks damn fluffy and good now instead of flat down with no volume. Will post pictures later 8D


this morning, i snoozed my alarm like 5 times.... *goes pour in sugar in tea*

ok back.

anyway. when i went to macs to get breakfast. it was lol.
cos as usual, i ordered my 2.50 meal.
den suddenly another person serve my takeaway.
1 coffee, 1 tea, 1 burger.

I DONT LIKE COFFEE. mean i used to drink it when i was 5 or 6 yrs old, den i got tired of it. and i started disliking the taste AND the smell.
so i was stunned halfway, dunno whether to take OR to stone.
So the auntie who initially served me came to confirm my orders, and den she tell me that. OH COFFEE FREE.
DANG. the wastage if i dont drink it.
but in the end, i smsed lawliet and brought it to her class anyway. no big deal.
so alls well ends well i guess hahahaha XD

i'll upload the pictures from my phone later...not now. i need to drink tea and relax. LOL,

BTW, i know i m jus gonna love tues <3
on top of that. i WILL be skippin some tuesdays too 8D cos faci be simon again. YESH /0/


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