~ makeup-pu day 1~

hahaha DORK HUG!!!!! n'awwwwwww *huggles with them too* WHY DONT YOU JOIN IN TOO HUH AOI?!

dammit. this is the first time i see a tea bag float *looks at cup* country bumpkin much??


ANYWAY. today's job was awesome cept for the part where i miscalculated and did not train my helper aka shinn. S'ok~~~~ YOU CAN HASH TRAINING SESSIONS WITH ME. you better be ready for spartan education if you wanna help me. hahahhahaha

TMR WILL BE BETTER since jon will be helping me. my best disciple and my bestie <3>

anyhoooooo Lawliet aka twinneh <3>

hahahaha monday school's reopening. seriously dont feel like going =.= but. like. HIEEEE. we can hash go and find the hair saloon auntie 8D

anyhow. AION TIEMZ. oh ya. my character is modelled after yuu-baby 8D This is what yuuto would like to look like when he grows up 8D minus the blue skin duh.


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