: makeup-pu day TWO

I drew kai's eyeliner to work today ~~~~<3 not as thick as his but it is the same style 8D

day 2~~~ today is like so much fun please. The whole atmostphere is so much better~~

anyway. we had three models today. Mandy[new girl], and Karyn and Anatasia from yesterday. these girls are so fun to work with.

Karyn hahaha. damn cute i tell you. this girl brought her own pins today because she dont want to remove her hairstyle. Cos yesterday we gave her curls and i did a ribbon hair for her, so she liked it alot. After that me and teresa[boss] talked about the hairstyles for day 2, we decided to give Karyn her curls and ribbon hair back, so she decided to bring her own pins. hahahhaa.

Not to mention i also let her wear home a pair of lashes and a hairtie. hahahaha. she loves being pretty so much, so i decided not to take back my stuff, jus let her have it. hahaha.

Mandy, hahahah. damn hyper XD its so nice to work with her. she also brought her cam to take pictures 8D

Anatasia. the 20yr old who look like 15. so darn cute please <3 infections smile~~~~ *hearts hearts* love my models so muchie.

today was much better since jon was trained before hand~
at least we got everything going correct.
and and~~~ the owner of teh studio notices meh~~~~ 8D he said he might try me out [as a makeup artist] for some of his coporate shoot. SO HAPPY PLEASE.

jus the other day i was tell jin.

...eh. you know ar. damn ironic can. to think that I am the one who hates makeup the most last time.
jin: YA LA!

hahhahha...surprising how a person who hates makeup last time can become a makeup artist....although i still suck like...VERY BADLY[dont even know why the owner of the studio wants to try me out] i m still happy seeing people smile because they like how they look <3

i'll post the pictures in class tmr.

my hols. hash ended.



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