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like. seriously. i hear ruki say it...there's like this super clench in the heart. the whole of reila is jus so full of regrets and love...even more saddenin den guren. dont ask me why i dont compare it to taion, cos like i've told chiru, taion is filled with pity, not regrets. I am not that much of pity songs. LOL


even though ruki is short and his english pronounciation is even worse den me, we will still love him .


CUTEPETZZZZ HATE YOUUUUUU zzzzz =.- i m broke and she open a lime crime batch. the colours are so pretty please ;A;

even though i m broke....hahahaha a person still can wish for money to fall from the sky right 8D

i have so much wants. LOL.

I want a knitted redXb off shoulder longsleeve top
i want these from lime crime
http://www.limecrimemakeup.com/siren-magic-dust-p-223.html [dammit. the red is like on fire!]
i cant really makeup my mind between these two. lol
http://www.limecrimemakeup.com/snow-queen-magic-dust-p-198.html [i like the whiteness brought out by the blue]
http://www.limecrimemakeup.com/nymph-magic-dust-p-193.html [but i like the elegance in the gold sparks too ;A; LOL]


anyhow. i should concentrate on finishin the faceup from my commission. the lips is coming quite well. nex up. the eyeliners /0/ i cant really bring myself to do the eyebrows ;A; i m scared of failing. zzzzz

anyway. i cant believe that i walked to school today =A= *usually i take bus*
and HOMG. SWEAT SIA. zzzzz i be so unhealthy =A=
cant wait for tmr =.= i can slack out a whole day again. no school....mayb lets hope it doesnt rain tmr, so i wont sleep so much and the weather be good for spraying MSC.

レイラ レイラ... レイラ レイラ ...
this voice does not reach you


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