Iamfeelingblissfulseeingthispicture. SO GLAD PLEASE~~~

anyway. even before i finish the first meeting. I am already bored.

MARKETING IS BORING~~~~ i have no choice cos i have to be here =.=;;; wtf.

dont know anyway. so it be even more boring please =A=. ah well. i have mah favs ppl chattin to me online so it be fine <3 plus, marketing chiru got studeh before 8D IRONIC PLEASE, year 2 sending year 3 PPT. HAHHAHAHA love you chiru~

and oh gawd. i swear for the last time. it is not in my intentional means to notice ruki's crotch in one of the lives =3=;;; it was OBVIOUS. lol.

anyway. back to boring lessons and sorting pictures

i added two new songs to my phone /0/

Taion and Reila - the gAzettE

here is my new fav~


credits to : mitsukai_fansub @ elgay[LJ luh. hahaha]

事実が目に焼き付く 無言で不動の君は何を思う
理由などいらないさ ただ僕の君を返してくれれば


レイラ レイラ wow レイラ レイラ
this voice does not reach you
レイラ レイラ wow レイラ レイラ
目を開けて 嘘だと笑ってみせてよ

明日は何処へ行こう 君が望むなら

君はいつもそう 僕が思う程
もう届かない もう届かない

レイラ レイラ wow レイラ レイラ
レイラ レイラ wow レイラ レイラ
今 此処で君に歌うよ
レイラ レイラ wow レイラ レイラ
レイラ レイラ wow レイラ レイラ

二人が居た部屋 今もそのまま
鍵もかけずに いつでも
ずっと待ってるよ 理解ってるけど


Since I've met you, how many of the same wounds have I sustained?
How many of them supported me?
I wanted you to tell only me,
when you are hurt.
The truth is burning my eyes. You're immobilized in silence. What are you thinking about?
I don't need any reasons. If you could only return her to me.

You've became nothing; are you feeling more pain than me,
who is left behind?
Although nothing has started yet.
Although I haven't said these words yet.
Where have you gone?

Reila, Reila
I'm trying to call out your name,
but this voice does not reach you.
Reila, Reila
Open your eyes and laugh, show me, that it's all a lie.

We can go somewhere tomorrow, if you want to.
We will go there for sure, no matter, where will it be.

I think, that you were always like that.
You were going to somewhere.
You left me behing again and ran off by yourself.
I can't reach you anymore, I can't reach you anymore.
Although I have met with you at last,
everything, what I have kept in myself, started overflowing,
it became my tears and spilled out.

Reila, Reila
These words, that I haven't said to you.
Reila, Reila
I will sing them now and here for you.
Reila, Reila
I love you more than anyone else.
Reila, Reila
I love you. I love you.

Room, in which we were together, is still the way it was.
I haven't locked the door,
so you can always come back.
I will wait for you forever. Even though I know.
Even now I see your silhouette as you open the door.
You will surely come back tomorrow, right?


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