Post-AFA rage

I am not going to put a picture for this post. because this is Rage post. rage psot do not deserve pictures / memories.



this is a post event rage before I move on to something happy, like camwhores with my lovelies.

This part is my rage specially for the fucktard who commented on twinneh's profile. You wont find it cos twinneh deleted the stupid comment. It POISONS her profile.
SERIOUSLY? Credits belong to both PHOTOGS AND COSERS. stop sayin that we cannot fucking claim credit for a certain photo. If there were no cosers, where the fuck you get to shoot? If there were not photogs, where the fuck you get photos?

BOTH PARTIES HAVE EQUAL SHARE IN CREATING A PHOTO AND CLAIMING CREDIT FOR IT. people who are not involve in the creation, and saying that cosers should stop claiming credit of a picture should fucking fuck off.

This is a mutual process/agreement/respect between US COSERS and PHOTOGRAPHERS. People who dont know this, you know no shit at all, so shut up.
I respect people who take my pictures and giving me credit, and I give the same credit to people who take my photos. I just happen to hardly remember every single photog, but if anyone wants me to credit them and can prove the photo is taken by them, no doubt i will do so and so will other cosers.

2. About our BRS dressing
stop fuckin saying we are exhibitionists, strippers or wearing nothing. WE WERE WEARING SOMETHING FOR YOUR INFORMATION.
Lawliet - CLOAK, bikini top, shorts, boots
Me- CLOAK, scarf, binders, pants, boots
We took them off for a short period for other pictures due to the fact that it was also reflected in the BRS video

We are not the ONLY BRS cosers in Singapore so why do you guys target us? did we offend you in anyway? if so, DO TELL US.

I really dont get it. Even my mom, who is a very conservative woman praised me on my BRS cosplay. If you guys dont believe: here you go.
TOH POH KIAN is my lao bu, my very dear mommy who gave birth to me.
did she rant and say i was wearing too little? no.
She did comment say we only wear very little top is it? den i said yes, expecting to recieve a scolding. She only replied me on FB that it was still a very nice shot and very good cos. She also told me that[good job and all] personally at home and but was also concern on mine and lawliet's safety. lawliet's mom did not gave any harsh comments either.

If our mothers can accept it so well [btw this is our first daring cos together], i dont see why you guys should comment so much on it.

FYI. we are not the first cosers of BRS in SG, neither were we the only BRS cosers on that day. Stop puttin us in such a negative light when we work so hard for this cosplay and we are proud of it, esp lawliet who put in more work den me.

for those who put us down, you are guys are sick. just leave us alone. we dont need friends like you, we have friends and photogs who support and love us as much as we do to them.


on the lighter side. i shall upload the photos after editing 8D we have alot of happy camwhores and there are sets of neoprints for both days in our FB. 8D
Thanks for the support and the honorable wall for our cosplays.



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