Happy News~

one cute photo to start the blogpost with.


HI PEOPLE~~~ i will still need you to click on the nuffnang adds. it will be feedin me currently since i m jobless ;A;

and i see people starting to follow me. awesum =w=b you are my motivation to blog nao.


so on to happy news one.
we got another job. it is for next week.
we being me and lawliet. so it be awesome.

next, i have become a glitterati for nuffnang 8D it might be nthing awesum to you guys, but it makes me happy. Thats enough 8D

My interview in colloseum went well on Thurs. I am really hoping to get the job. It sounds like an awesum job and I like to learn darts too. I also happen to meet a model that I used to do makeup for, but I dont think she recognises me cos I look very different from then.

Shinn got his pay.

Ameba Pico is a very cool but boring[if alone] game. Last night, was a whirl /0/
me, lawliet, azh, cyth, shinn and a few new friends like asu-ka, pluto, quincy, mi-ku and hito went home hoppin to help everyone complete the new quest.
Everyone was so hyped and buzzin around.

Starting of our tour, we lost 8 diff people while travelling to 4 different homes. After that we finally found people who would stick till the end, and it was awesome. It was the most awesome fun ever since last sunday.

so if you do get on Ameba Pico, do add me.

and people are STILL asking for my facebook add.

its Sochii Kamiya. I am not that hard to recognise yes? HAHAHA

off to watch more tv /0/


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