A healthy....uh whatever lifestyle WAHAHAHA

and here is me strangling luka's kaito....


anyway main topic first.


So yea. I have been feeling rather fat, so since yesterday, I have decided to EXERCISE.
OH MY GOD RIGHT? yea, i know. LOL.
So I have been exercising everyday on my WII 8D
I am not in anyway related to nintendo, but Wii is AWESOME.

So every morning, i do running, yoga and aerobics for 30-40mins before breakfast. IT IS TAKING EFFECT, i AM losing weight bit by bit. I always feel demotivated to go out and exercise because of the sun, and i cannot wake up early to just do exercise, so this is GREAT.
So yea, it is awesome, but just so you know, it is not ANY Wii games, it must be Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus, I am using Wii Fit Plus currently.

So everytime i start up..

Measuring of weight and balance
following will be two random games selected by the cute wii helper[in the form of the wii board i m stepping on] to test my balance,agility,reaction and any other things it would like to test

So i will start with light exercises first...

Aerobics: -
Wiifit rythmn boxing
Wiifit aerobics rythmn step
Wiifit super hoolahoop

side kick

running [either 10-20] (while watchin teebee)

and i will end of with some for-fun balance games.

and a light breakfast of course @_@ no heavy breakfast or what you do is USELESS. hahaha.


So yesterday was White Valentines, what did you guys do? did you catch a movie [hur i jus realise i posted a love movie yesterday], did you have dinner with friends, or did you jus rot at home? like me. HAHAHA

I was rotting in a different way, Shinn came over to company me for the day~
we watched alot of shows, including Channel 5's Transformers. I think transformer 2 was funnier though cos of the twins.


The day before was a outing with the usual peeps. Jon, Lawliet and Geno. We had dinner at Cartel, THANKS JON 8D i will treat you back at taos when I get rid of debts and have spare cash 8D and yesh, i blame you that i also like taos nao. /0/

After that we went to watch Alice in Wonderland.
The movie was just an react of the original tale, the difference is just that it is an older version of Alice and there is more crazy looking people.
I really like it alot, and wouldnt mind doing a shoot on that 8D well. provided that clothes are provided HUR.

The only funny part of the movie was the queens. One's crazy the other one has to act graceful all the time. ROFL. it was darn funny. Johnny depp wasnt that funny this time round though. Disappointment, i liked him better as Jack Sparrow.


The next news is MY JOB~ HAHAHAHAH
remember i went to the interview at Iluma for a job? I GOT IN /0/
YES YES YES. I am havin training on wednesday, I think it be awesome.

i shall wobble off to keep some stuff nao =3=/


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