Job @ Bishan

not exactly this cosplay

but today, we did magnet MikuKaito
compared to yesterday, twinneh so damn cute can? ytd was mature~

anyway. today we met a new friend call Marcus. HAHAHAHA. this guy. fucking cool. he looks....erm... *coughs*blur*coughs* but hell. YOYO CHAMPION. and i heard he filled one damn page in the newspaper....BUDDEN, i still think he muz change his hairstyle. 8D hurhur. he's a nice and enthusiatic guy alright. the twins approve of him.



AFTER PLANNIN FOR ALMOST ONE WEEK. there were some pros and cons. ok. MORE CONS. wtf.
we actually bought kaito petite on fri, but on sat kelvin gave twinneh a petite box, and that girl ar....really lucky girl, got kaito. so now she has TWO kaitos.

shoppin was an ass. me and jon practically walked the whole of the shoppin mall[doesn remember but it was near suntec convention] so yea. we settled on something abit maturish for lawliet. well. i think it looks nice on her, so does jon. but whether she likes it is another story. ah well OTL

so yea.

we sorta "surprised" her since she wasnt expecting it. so her reaction was like ah 8D?
OMG LUH. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A WEAKER REACTION DEN HERS? but yea. it was sort of expected of her.
well. i won the bet with jon, cos she said ah?

den went back to her house to nom the cake and stuff. had pizza for dinner.

we held a shoot in her sis's room.

thanks to jon,chiru, zelmer, swiftwing, geno and yukino for making it so nice 8D
i had fun.

and my twinneh is turning 19 in about 30mins time.



though we only knew each other for not really long. But it is like we have been together since forever. I know we push each other's tolerance and limits sometimes, but i still love you and i know you do too. Best cosplay partner I have found after changing so many. even after i graduate, we still live near to each other, so we can always hang out. not to mention the gazillion possible plans we still have with each other. hurhur~

it is awesome to have you around.

twinneh [oh rofl! machiam like writing to myself]
Sochii ^^


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