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one chio picture from the sunday's magnet shoot~
Lawliet @ Miku
Sochii @ Kaito

okay jus a few updates first before i go on to the main topic.

please look to your right bars.
I have put up the followin thingum. so you dont need to check back EVERYDAY if you are daily reader, cos sometime i dont update everyday, so you can jus follow my blog and only check back when i update.

second, nuffnangs add. everytime you come here, please click on it for the heck of it.

third. for those who are STILL asking me for my facebook acct and my deviant art. [WHY? ionno why.]
facebook : http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=580149132
deviant : http://sochii.deviantart.com/

lastly. a facebook fanpage. YES, someone convinced me to be shameless and create my own fanpage. so you will see it soon enough. i dont expect much people to join though since i m like, heyyyy so infamous *rolls eyes*


back to main topic. yes.

where am i?

NANYANG ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS. YAY. hahahah I have actually been here a few times, but not INSIDE, like inside of the classrooms and stuff. It gives me the feeling of nanyang poly though. hahaha...

I am here because I love my cousin so much, that I woke up at 6am in the morning to travel down here to loan them my yukatas and dress them up. Why not just loan them and dont care? cos they wont know how to wear it. hahahaha *huggles feng*

so now, i m rottin in this unknown computer lab waiting for feng to end class and pray that I dont get caught. WAHAHAHAH...on top of that, i m having an interview at iluma later. 4.30pm. gosh. I must wait for so long, but on the bright side, I will have to do my makeup outside and not at home, so it will take quite a bit of time 8D hahahaha...

So now, I am basically stuck doing unproductive things. For example, playing ameba pico...den again. I am always unproductive. so there. HAHAHAHA

thats it for now. I should probably start bloggin about something interesting. LOL. but liek, life's boring...for now. I am still recovering from the weekend jobs ORZ


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