Open The Toy Gundam Unicorn Screening Ticket giveaway~~

Yep~ here it is~~~ Another giveaway by Openthetoy 8D a new friend I just know recently last year.

His blog covers mostly about toys. figurines to dolls etc~ XD
and now~~~~ there is ticket giveaways 8DDDD

so i'll just lift what he has sent me.


How are you?

Just like to inform you that I am having a giveaway for 3 tickets to Gundam unicorn screening in Singapore on 20 March 2010 by the organizer over my openthetoy.

If this interest you, do join in. You can also spread this news to your contact in Singapore who you think they maybe interested to participate. It would be of better help if you could post it at your forum or any social media. The closing draw date is on 12 March 2010.

Thank you in advance for helping to spread this good news around and good luck if you are participating.

Many Thanks,

Personally, I am not a fan of old school artwork and mecha. The only gundam series I have watched is Gundam Seed and the *coughs* Gundam seed destiny. HAHAHAH all for the sake of seeing Kira,Asuran and Lacus 8DDD;;;

but anyway. back to the main topic.

There will be THREE free tickets to the screening, so WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? ITS FREE, and of course, its a gundam movie 8DDD

I just glanced through the post briefly. All you have to do is be age of 13 and above, submit your details and answer three questions correctly[i bet ans could be found on the net] and join in the lucky draw~

so there.



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