this is a VERY serious blogpost...

haha. yea right. Like i have ever done that.

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Ok so that day lawliet and I went to work at cine remember? The odessey event, so we heard this inside the toilet. So it was pretty funny so it caught our attention for a while. so now I am going to do this blogpost in hope of gettin the tickets~


So here are THREE reasons why I think Nick[if i catch his name correctly in the trailer], the reporter, should end up with Beth.

One, because it is a MOVIE. The female main character ALWAYS end up with the male main character.

Two, Nick seems more normal than the other guys. Seriously, the model was too full of himself.

Three, he makes her feel better in the most awkward situations, for example the spitting incident. That is what a girl usually wants, someone to make her feel comfortable in all situations. Well, wouldnt EVERYONE want that, even guys? Who would like to feel like a sore thumb, really.

so those are the three reasons.


Three things that I want to find in a partner.

Maturity. I cannot stress this enough. Personally, I want a mature guy. I cannot stand childish guys because they do not THINK, and tend to do alot of stupid immature things. A mature person is usually independent too, and can make decisions themselves, so thats the kind of person I like.

Looks. That person have to look good/cute/pretty/handsome/gorgeous. It is superficial or however you want to say it, but I am being truthful. It is a must for me. This is someone you need to spend with for the rest of your life, if you cannot look at him, it is pretty pointless to call him your partner, isnt it? On top of that, different people have different perception of beauty, so I might have better or worse sense than anyone out there.

Loyalty. I do not want to share. I do not like sharing my partner. I think that goes out to everyone too. Would you like to share your husband or boyfriend/wife or girlfriend with another man/woman that you do not know/know? This is why I never approved of the muslims guys having four wives thing.
If my guy decided that he wants me, he should be prepared to have ONLY ME and of course,our future. Anymore than that, it's over.

Damn, i love walt disney pictures.
here is the trailer~

just incase the video doesn work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlJzWvZfOMs


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