Birthday wish Pt.2 and other stuff

First lets start with the happier news.

Happy birthday, davin~~
hahahaah one day after my mom, but not on same yr 8DDD
May your life, music and career reach greater heights than before =w=b


well 10.05.10 wasnt exactly a good day.

work sucked. food was good though(muz be the good luck from mummy's bdae)
my bro's bag got stolen. we had to change locks @_@ there is no more click click noise when i go home and open the door...the click click noise i've been hearing for 19 years.
I've even mastered how to soften the click click noise if i get home too late you know ;A;

but yea. the new lock looks damn tacky -.-
ah wellz /0/

lazy to blog =3=/


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