buuuuuuuuuuuuu sat working

hmmmmmm should i...or should i not. *ponders* rather tempting...wahahaha XD

OMG SO DAMN BORINGGGGGGG i'll update this post with pictures of my empty office later =.=

sat work = coldness.

no phone calls.
4 ppl workin in one big office. zainess. hahahaha /0/

at approx 4 odd. left only TWO people. mainly me and Mr Lim(super experienced sales person 8D)
kelvin (that myanmar dood pfffttt) left around 4, Jacky(wholesales manager/sales) left bout 2 =w=;;;;

i m like so demotivated to finish my work luh 8D;;;

later going out with jon. =3= lazyyyyyy but cannot cancel liao. sian 1/2.


ytd was HORRIBLE lawls. for that first time in my whole entire worklife...i was sat down for 10 whole mins getting scolded and pitied. I have no idea whether they are tryin to be naise or evil. LOL.

someone in the office gave the all the ladies some necklace from taiwan, 18k platinum plated with C.Z crystals. no idea who that was, cos i wasnt even payin attention, i jus went orh *still lookin at com screen and typing out invoices*

but bottomline is...damn stressed ytd.

After work was better =3=/ indulgence in sweet stuff~~~hurhur


i think i should have pasta tmr afternoon...i wonder if i will have time to have lunch before i head out ~.~ mmmmmmmmpppfffffffhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
we'll see bout it...mayb i should have it for breakfast or something, FATTENING LAWLS.

i m also thinkin bout what i should look like tmr...i have ALOT of ideas *for the first time in many eons* but there is always a prob.
if the hair i wan this, den i cant use those clothes, mayb if my makeup is like that den i cant use those shoes, but i m lazy to put on lashes, but i want that set of clothes ETC ETC ETC you get the drift =.=;;; sometimes its not good to have many ideas.
but it is worse to be clueless i guess...seen so many examples throughout my life.

me: *sits on the bed and stare at her flingin out clothes from her wardrobe*
5mins later, i'll be the one picking out the clothes, i will be the one doing the hair and makeup tii =3=;;;

GirlA: omgggggg thank you~~~~*muacks muacks*
me: =.= can we go out now?
GirlA: *skips off to open the door*

i feel so ghey whenever i dress girls up =A=;;;


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