Derp derp.

derp derp peeps.

I might have touched on this topic before. but i jus wanna say again.
what people wanna do with themselves has nothing to do with you.

well. sure. i do comment on people too. but not bluntly unless they are super ugly. lol. if they arent, why do you care?

its like going EEEEWWWWW at bou wearing a skirt.

derp derp people. i think i look chio with makeup anyway, so i reject all opinions on me lookin ugly 8D


work sucks. overall. thanks for the people who were there for me today.


i should prolly start sleeping two hours after reachin home everyday. proves to be very useful 8D


i need to stop procrastinating... *stares at prop* i need more timeeeee *wails*


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