JOB /0/

gettin mah first FULL-TIME job pay by nex wk =w=b jus in time for mother's day and my mom's bdae. YAY. now i can treat her *loves mommy dearest*

but anyway~~~ anyway~~~ i m going to try a new hairstyle tmr /0/ if it works. i will post piccus of an official one WITH makeup on. ROFL. 8D its like somewhat a mix of straights and curls. /0/

i dont really know whatelse to blog about though.


went dinner with aya and raistlin taichou jus now, and not to forget my darling twinnie. really damn funny session. after that taichou drive me,twinnie and aya home /0/

okay. time to....uhhhh....whutever luh. HAH 8D go do some orders again /0/


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