The world is mini-sized

ah hahahah XD THANKS DANNY~~~ rofl.
that guy was trying to cheer me up, and bought me drink for lunch. thanks man~~~ hur 8D

today, my damn com is STILL down. they started working on it in the MORNING...and up till when i was going home, its still fucked up. dunno how i m going to work tmr...was workin in the main office at someoneelse's com jus now cos she on leave @_@ damn cold siol. hahahaha

i wanna go back to doing uruha's old makeup...i remember one period i used to do it alot. till i so pro until it takes me less den 10mins to finish the eyes accurately without fucking up. hahaha XD

anyway. i have something to say. too fucking small. LAWLS *rolls around in mad laughters* WAHAHAHAHHA

ok ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/0/


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