boredddddddddddd *rolls* hur


hahahaha this is prolly the start of me trying to change everyone 83
so farrrrrr

i've tried on chiru, mika and toky...and prolly some other people which i dont remember but these three are my prido 8D
mika [fastest transformation in the most unlikely place 83]
chiru [girly girl to pretty guy]
toky [good boy to visual 8D]

anyway anyway. cause i m bored. i decided to look around 83

so here exist+trace
I wasnt really impressed with them at first, but looks like they've made quite an impression out there

well. its obvious that i like 猶人 and 乙魅 83 but i prefer 猶人's first look 83
i think miko's pictures are damn photoshopped. LOL cos she looked fat faced irl...猶人 is a short bassist like sam. HAHAHAHHA XD *gets bricked* okay i m not sane today. ah wells 83

Official HOMEPAGE:

experiencing double the pain is NOT funny ;A;


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