okai~~~ here is another Aoi, but a cute one. hurhur~~~

damn epic. suying is like feeding me online with her friends' cute pictures~~~ KYAAAAA CUTE JAPANESE GUYS ~~~<3
much lovesssss hahahahhaha ONE DAY~~~ ONE FINE DAY~~~ i shall get one of my own *pouts* but Aoi[the GazettE] ranks first in list.

not motivated to blog today. SUPAR nua la. hahahaaa


jus some private thoughts that i'd like to pen down. dont guess also luh, cos whatever you guess i also wont tell you if its right or wrong. HAHAHA
i should prolly start writing songs if i m so full of emotions all the time. HAHAHAH i think i can make awesome lyrics~ *gets bricked*

I knew it would be like that.
Why am i not surprised at all?
thats cos i promised myself it would be alright no matter what.
nothing's going to change
it's just on a stand still
time still moves on
everything still goes on
its nothing
it would be alright
i've told myself ever since i started to understand alot of stuff
it will be fine.
so why am i still thinking?
must be the trickling sounds of water
must be the deep resounding winds
or maybe even jus the slight heave of breath or sighs.
i will be there
but would you?


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