HAHAH jus a picture from taichou's shoot


so i m jus gonna say a few thanks before i head to kunz till 3-4pm or so.

Bryan - thanks for shootin with me today *loves

Jon - uhhhh thanks for alot of things. companying me, takin pictures of the bands, paying for my expenses first, and most importantly~ GIVING ME MAYA THROW DE LOLLIPOP HURHRU~~~ *so damn high* i've always thought maya looked cute eating lollipop. hahahaha the one jon caught was banana choco ~~~ one of my favs hurhur

Davin - For jio-in me to sundown and askin and confirmin tics for me and jon~ love you so much scandal~~~

Suying - for entertaining me HAHAHA

Joanne - For gettin the tics~~ HOMG LOVE YOUUUUU HAHHAA

Brenda and Ren - for liek smuggling us right to the front of the queue

Ren - for teh olange jooz treatttt

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO /0/ * still damn high *

had lotsa fun with them. even though

1. i had to deal with the crowd
2. sweated liek crazy
3. went home totally wet [special thanks to scandal]
4. legs totally chui
5. stupid people there

but stillllll i had so much fun tonight~~~

best day of the week. hell yea /0/


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