i hate smrt. liek. really hatez.

Another picture from sunday's shoot 83

anyway. i dead hate smrt from now.

first is the 30mins trip > 1++++ hr trip.

today. they skipped jurong east station cos of some complications and i was in a rush. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF so they made me waste a good $30. fui.

i hate joo smrt /rage D8


anyway felt like i chauffering my instructor around today. damn epic. was going between two locations. for him to do his stuff. hahaha but he did teach me of course.


the shoot was alright i guess. besides from the fact that i got paid...i got to wear clothes from GLP and Punk Rave, so i m quite alright with the other weird clothes they wanted me to wear...like sequins dress and some silvery top. meh. wth.



but thanks to someone, i m a happy little buip nao 83 heh.


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