... ... it might be little

I might actually be smiling and cheerful even when things happen, but I am actually throughly pissed and stressed out.

It might seem like a small amount, but my credit is riding even on that one little coin.
Tmr. I will set a full-ban and see if it works.


Mr Ur Mom La aka Winchesterx kills me with his nonsense =A= i think i m going to have like some sexy tummy if he comes to pick up Leyn everytime she works...


Thurs was bunneh's bdae, closed the whole shop an hour early for her to celebrate her bdae. It was really nothing since we get to wash up earlier and I had no present for her either.

Today[i m still at friday btw], was much more busy but expected. I wonder how we are going to pull through tmr with this shitty little amount of crew. Not that the crew is shitty...the crew is AWESOME. but 1 person cannot do 3 people's job. so there.
Sunday is better cos more people though...

Jon came over to visit. haven seen him in a uber long time~*hearts*
Nut,Van and Jing dropped by too in the afternoon.

I cleared up the storeroom today. Made enough space for Ariki to dance Lucifer while changing inside somemore.
Very proud of my new concoction of Oceanic. I think it tastes damn cool.

Uncle came over again today to send in new salad and check+clear the food cos our freezer broke down. fuck it. As usual, we send insults against each other. lol
Soh became my lao pa liao...every other hour ask me whether I got eat anort. Even smsed me about it. lol. i started callin him ah pa.

I need a fucking pay rise.


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