the last SHOVE before i flop on my bed

ah~~~ lalafells~~ makes me happy~~


Renaissance will be rocking it out again with the crowds @ Stage Out #1, so do come on down to give us your support!
Playing numbers from 摩天楼オペラ, ViViD, The Gazette and two more new songs added to the list~

Do register for free entry

Renaissance @ Stage Out #1
Venue : *Scape
Time slot : 10:30 P.M.
Date : Oct 1 [Friday]

Renaissance would be doing the closing for the gig, so make sure you stay high till the very end or lose out 8D


buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i have to keep on pushing and pushing. today has been a very exhausting. I do not want to ask for anything more den for my body to pull through this week without a problem. I am already halfway to death, when will i ever have time to recover...

Just relax abit now, while waiting for the video to convert and code.
I am not even done with the first song...hahaha but when i finish this, everythingelse would be more or less easier for me. Gonna sleep at 1am, and wakeup early tmr to chiong out the rest.

woke up quite late this morning cos was pretty worn out last night or rather till wee hours this morning.
The moment i wake up, another rush. Need to calculate prices and stuff for brother.
Following that, some minor problems came up, tear-ed abit but its alright, I am already used to it. Started working and downloading tons and tons of stuff needed.

At around 4, decided to chill abit. Went to GE since maintainence was up. Camped around abit and upped another level. Started working, codecs not loading, i got really pissed. Camped more, and went out to collect camera and steal fries from Geno.
came back, accidently switched off my com */rage*
*on com* worked and worked
*rest. surf net, have dinner [i had to eat something before i collaspe right?]

*started talking to self...whispering to self.
*went to bath...*more talking to self
*work /rage work /wobbles work /rage work /self peptalk work /rage*

YES alot can happen in one hour of work. which is why my mentality is so unstable by nature. hahahah XD

*disturb some people*

work work work /rage /rage /rage /wobbles /nua-ed /headdesk /demanded a hug /work

now i m waiting for the video to convert and load. If it works properly, tmr morning should be much more of a smooth creating session for me.
I should rename myself last-min lord or something. sounds awesome, but den again....i m awesome by nature 8D

okay. back to look at my work one last time before i turn in. gonna rise and shine early tmr....just for them. ah...fuck la. i'll blog about that the nex time. *FOCUS FOCUSSSSSSSSS*

do not demoralize meeeeeeeeee


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