Some...what of an update *i guess*


at cafe yesterday~ the cheki is me and lawliet in it. hahaha~ bought the warmers from cool only 8D cos not too slim *doesnt like hugging warmers*

edit: i jus realise i look damn baby-faced with minimum make[and enough sleep]

time check : 8.30
location : laptop / bed
eating : dinner
doing : trying to blog

wtf XD i m going to try do a live bloggin and see how long i take to finish usually

= okay. distracted by joanne on msn=

so anyway. wasnt really in the best of moods after the gig, but I am much better now...

+distracted by sadi+

*noms abit*

OKAY OKAY. must stop gettin distracted =w=;;;

So today. got thyphiod fuckin jab.
i m not particularly afraid of needles...but i rather not go anywhere near it. HAHAH unless i m doesnt hurt when you insert hurts when you freakin press on it =A=;;; pain can? LOL
I think I prolly make the nurse go abit WTF.
nurse: so when is your last period
me: duno
nurse: month?
me: duno
nurse: are you pregnant?
me: HELL NO?
nurse: den when was the last time you remembered?
me: prolly the month before or something
nurse: are you working?
me: no
nurse: do you have alot of stress?
me: duno. mayb. I wont know since i dont really focus on it
nurse: nvm. we'll jus put as not sure
so nvm. got the jab, paid for the jab,waited for twinneh and went to catch a cab to ngee ann.

I swear I have the best of lucks.
I wanted to check how much money I had, i search my bag...den realise. I LEFT MY WALLET IN THE POLYCLINIC. FFFFFFFFFFFF went back[it was only less den a dolla's distance *glees*] and got back my wallet. It was there un-touched like i last left it. YAY~

So reached ngee ann, called hamster for 19 times...
sent him one msg: you are dead.
and started lookin for my way to the court and found them. and killed him. mentally. HAHAHA
Seriously. When was the last time i pespire like that? I feel so damn healthy luh~ HAHAHA *nonsense* but it was really great playing with Outcast[Zero], Hamster[Davis] and their friends =3=/
Mayb I should really consider going back to badminton? It really clears my mind off EVERYTHING. YES. EVERYTHING. even Aoi. hahaha...i needed it i guess...somehow.
but wtf luh, everything comes back at fullforce when i stop ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

*being very distracted by sadi* hahaha Xd

After that we went to eat at the canteen, head down to JP [to do ionno what like do nothing. LOL] and den head home.

Bath is awesome.

OH. i forgot to talk about the side effect of the shot.
FUCKING KILLED MY LEFT HAND ( ゚д゚) lucky it was on the left side.
The whole thing was numb and pain. I cannot raise my hand more den 45deg for the first hour and 90deg after that...*tries raising hand* still fuckin hurts. LOL

oh and the nurse said something which make me went *PWAHAHAHAHAH* in my mind after the jab.
nurse: Do not get pregnant within the following three months
me: *PWAHAHAHAHAH in mind*

no seriously. do i look like I am going to anytime soon? XD
nvm. dont answer that. I know i dont look decent
2/3 people think that i...
smoke - no.
drink - abit.
club - hate it.
have a tattoo - no.
have more den 3 piercings on each ear - one on right, two one left

like...zzzz. yesh. i m a bad buip ;A;


abit of piture blogging~

wore the ghey apron for fun

my izaya~ hahaha *gets bricked by taichou*

my co-ords on sunday when we fail to go for the hygenie course cos boss din register us in time. HAHHA XD PORTOBELLO~~~ Hamster bought it for me when he went overseas =A= that time we were playing GE, he thought it might be funny...he bought another one for YS also.

Set photos that...most prolly will be sold in the cafe

look on StageOut#1

Hiyuu's bunnehneh~


Yesterday went over to the cafe to help out for a while and learn how to use the dishwasher properly.
I DEAD LOVE THE LEOPARD PWEENS APRON. I shall claim it as MINE to use for the cafe. WAHAHAH XD *like real i can*
den i spent like some time[prolly 5mins] figuring how to set up the cheki cam cos...i chucked the manual one side when openin and couldnt find it. hahaha *plonks head* ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

At bout 6.30 liek that, went and ate with hamster, zero and kent. Kent came back from Japan already~~~ so happy to see him again. Bullied zero, cos he was the only guy not wearing formal. Kept calling him outcast until he damn sian~ hahaha his sian face damn funny. We mostly talked about GE, cos that has to be the common topic within the 5 of us -3-/

After that head home. Got pissed off, and decided to go to sleep instead.


Added two new peeps to my associate and friends' list.
Miki and Revolver. So that I wont have to link everywhere or save their links on fav =w=;;; *fav list gettin way too long*

Cleared up a few people on my list too, cos i haven read their blogs in a long time or they have changed their blog links and I have yet to link em up.


Although its abit late now, but i like rina's Grey Zone. =3=/ I've saw it a long time ago on her blog, but I am only bloggin now cos I jus saw the CM for it XD

I dont like the white dress version though *sniffs* I prefer the mermaid-inspired one XD

time check: 9.12PM

well i did a long blogspot and finished my dinner. so watever *flips hair* HAHAHHA


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