sores D8


dead love my hair for today~~~

anyway. lesson learnt

do NOT play badminton before the day you work when you have not played any sports in a mega long time =A=/ liek. want to die only.

now I am aching all over. Had trouble sitting or squatting down today, so decided to stand unless necessary.
it was like...DAMN MESSY TODAY. everybody was like...homg. how? how?
I was amused really XD

The cafe isnt opening yet because of some license issues, so peeps who wanna go there, jus keep a look on this blog for the opening date.

There will be performance on both saturday and sunday at 1.15pm and 3.30pm respectively though. at Funan 1st floor and it is supposedly for some thailand cosplay thingum. Quite lookin forward to it, cos thailand cosplayers are quite good imo. But i still think phillipines is better though...

The prices for food wise, is about on par for TCC
tea is cheap though...$4.50 i think.
mocktails and coffees would range around 8 plus to 15 odd[siphon brew coffee]


FINALLY~ jes in the uniform 8D she's back~~

me and lawliet had plaits today ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


me and petz are teh awesome garter pair 8D lol. damn those slippin socks pffttt

before heading to astons
my handphone accessory is a gift from Japan from Tokby~ *huggles tokby*

I chose the pink one at first, but gave it up to lawliet cos she likes it *shrugs*



I realise I think alot. I think everyday...but i think when I am bathing..
so bathing time = thinking time = explainable lenghth cos I am deep that way 8D hurhur

I realise some things about me and why I react to certain things, and how I really have changed myself ever since young.
That is prolly the reason why I grow stronger mentally everyday.

This morning I woke up.
I realise, I am actually not as weak as I thought I was. I exceeded my own expectation..and I am lookin forward to my mindset tmr.
However, I know all these pent-up and built up walls will cave in on me one day and kill me. I dont care. As long as I can hold on now, I will.

I will be stronger. Its a promise I made to myself. watch me.


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