StageOut #1

One of the pictures i've used in the BG for the gig.
There kinda alot blog about. I shall start with happy ones first.

I've learnt how to put together a proper and use-able bg for 6 songs within one night. YAY. hahahahha...halfassed, but YAY

Thank you joanne for treating me to awesome peach tea *hearts* you are so much love, and no you are not annoying, since i m equally noisy XD

Thank you twinneh for the blingbling loans[to pearson and neo] and also collecting my pay[which goes to my some health shit thing on sunday for work] *mwakmwak*. i'll return you your liner on sunday cos its buried deep in my bag.

Thanks to Emerson for sending me home also though we dont know each other well ;A;/ sankyuu you.


now. the unhappy shitz.

During this week, because of this gig, my temper turned real short. esp the day before the gig. Quarreled with my mom, being exceptionally mean to people, and screamin into my pillows like some nutcase. But basically, I think that maybe its due to the pressure from all around me, for example my mom and my aunt who hounded me for the driving issue. I am also pretty unhappy about some things, which I do not want to harp on anymore though it makes me roll my eyes still. Dont ask me what it is, I wont answer that.

set list. yes. i m abit hissy about it. I took the lenght to put everything in running. No one took the initiative to call me bout the change in the list. nvm. let the shit run by itself, thats all I can do.

The sound sucked. but meh. thats nothing i guess. since its mostly *Scape fault.

stupid encoding. take nabei long time. make me sit there, wait and wait and wait.


Not that I am... okay nvm. I still love the band all in all.
However sometimes, when my friends ask me why I do all this shit for them, I cant really answer cos I question myself sometime...

I can jus leave them alone and enjoy myself, but i guess its probably the fun of working with them? They might not be the best around, might not be the most fun...but...somehow. somewhat. They are already pretty much like another family, I guess, they do look out for me sometimes...SOMETIMES ONLY. hahahaha...

today i had alot of new discoveries tooo 8DD

when you ask guys to LOOK up during make, they literally move their head up and look up when its only eyes look up.. cos i noticed the same phenomena with Pearpear kor, Ex-bf, and Chris.
and when you ask them to open their eyes, they open it like they are fuckin surprised. Eyebrows up and all. Very funny, all of them had the same reaction that it amuses me somehow.

and i've learn the password of ex-bf's laptop~ yay /0/ hurhur


I m jus hopin that my body pulls through this week. honestly. these two days i've been so close to being bed-ridden again. Guess lemsip is more powerful den panadol. hahaha...but I am out of it already.

okay. gonna go wriggle around a little before knocking out =w=/


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