stupid network.

my dead boy who bears a horrible resemblance to me.. HAHAHA.

I am in the process of reviving mah wittle yuuto darling~~~ *muakmuak yuuto*
I've been leaving him in pieces and empty for almost 9months? and going...*scary*

so yea. I m starting on his face again. finished with the blushing and liner this after. gonna work on the brows tmr.
this is taxing work ;A:

I am trying to blog as much as I can nowadays though, cos i know in the future I wont be able to anymore. Not because of physical exhaustion but of mental ones. I dont know how much longer I can keep up and push forward.

My network really sucks nowadays ever since my dad has it changed. Just today alone I got dc-ed 5-6 times from GE. Got me seriously irritated...really.

Tmr is rehersals, and yet I have yet to learnt Believe.
I really hate that song now. That song seriously has no taste. no groove, and I am totally grossed out by it the more I sing it. I dont give a shitfuck to what one piece fans say...that song sucks.period.
I would rather give a shot at Glamourous Sky and get boo-ed off the stage den sing Believe. pfffttt...

My whole body is still exceptionally sore from the badminton the other day. Was limping throughout the house the whole day today ~.~ gawd. I feel so old.


I've decided~ tmr I am going to try some nana-inspired style XD
I have a feeling that I will look good with middle parting *self-delusional* okay...not really. I think I will look shitty though. *slightly demoralized now*
whateverrrrrr i shall try i shall try i shall...*deflated*

*wriggles on bed*



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