Halloween event and stuffu

Ruki in red. I still prefer his plantinum blond honestly though...

Been sho busy with work these days that I do not have enough time for gamin...boooooo

I wanna play gamesssss


Anyway, yesterday was halloween event @ the cafe.
Really happy that alot of returning customers came down to support us.
On top of that, I really think that alot of foreign customers are very willing to spend in cafe. There was this couple who bought like two syphon blue mountain and 3? bottles of sake?? on top of that, they took cheki with ALL the meidos.

Feeling rather calmed these days. I've lost the spunk to actually talk to my boss about alot of things, just do whatever he wants, schedule my proper offs. thats all =3=/

Dont really want to go work later really, but I have to go cos I am incharge of discussin the pay with him and i have all the schedules here with me, so yea....pretty much everyone's pay lies in my hand...so oh well -3-/

Mayb I should liek wriggle in bed or something and act sick 8D hurhur.

but den again. I wan my ABS topups. wahahahaha /0/


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