Because GE dc-ed

Kanako snapped her hair ;A; which has efficiently tempted me to snap mine tooooo what do you think? 8D
Loving a no-make look nowadays. Partly because I am lazy, and partly because it is darn efficient, and I do not look too rundown.

Anyhow~GE decided to dc-ed due to bad network, and so I am here blogging. So this post, you gotta thank starhub for it.
went for interview on friday @ United Square.
IT WAS SO DAMN FAST. hahaha but expected. first interview ma =.=;;
so I was WAY ahead of time. [the makeover shoot was @ 6pm]

So~ slacked @ BK.
I had totally zero idea as to why I bought a meal. I wasnt hungry, heck, I HAD LUNCH AT HOME. Anyway, I jus ate it *shrugs*

sniped spongebob from second floor cos i was dead emotionless and my tiny wittle brain told me to snap it so i can laugh later

recently i m reading something epic. something about shoppin for a husband.
It is so... hmmm ~.~ well, in my sick twisted sense of humor, dead funny.
but the facts are rather true imo

one of the pages

finding a opposite is never going to work ~.~ take it.

and YES. i m bored of my mind waiting for time to pass.
me with my cecil blazer over my head =.=


so finally, time was UP. Me and twinneh[who came lookin for me after her class] went for our "makeover" session

woman doesnt know that she is as skinny as me.

i had to pack three sets for 2 ppl. thanks ar twinneh.
we had alot of good shots though. Sadly, shots need to be bought with money. Something we do not have, and we cant be bothered anyway. I mean...if we really wanted those photos badly, we would have asked our photogs and used our own imba ps-ing skills...right?

but we got a complimentary photo + vouchers anyway.
Thanks~ DOMINIC. hahaha he think that i dont know how to pronounce his name. LOL. domdom XD

did i mention i dead hate the makeup?
sorry. i really hate silver/silverish blue on my eyes. its the most revolting colours for me.


and sorry. but the artist is really horrible. I prefer twinneh's artist [who curled all my hair in one direction *fail* hahaha ]

complimentary picture which i throw to twinneh to stick on her wall *which is filled with posters, fan arts, and lots of our pictures*



On the other side today~
I've decided to pack my wardrobe. bad idea.

dont get me wrong. I LIEK PACKIN WARDROBES. but jus not mine.
here are 10 reasons

1. it is MY wardrobe. I know what is inside
2. there is nothing new
3. i pack ALONE
4. there is nothing to laugh about since i pack alone
5. i m easily distracted by other things
6. I will tend to recategorise every time i pack [dont ask]
7. my wardrobe is SMALL. so I actually have to be a genius and use my brains instead of spreading them out into desired categories
8. I am indecisive in throwing out all clothes
9. I am constantly reminded how much clothes i have for my too-small wardrobe
10. I am reminded of how much i need to get more clothes to suit my new styles. *headdesk to 9*

so yeap.

I started at 7pm

went to watch spiderwick, play ge, eat, watch vampire diaries ETC AND TONS OF DISTRACTIONS

by 10pm

see what I mean? i've already started categorising them if you notice.

my goal for this time, is to successfully pack all the clothes i left outside of the wardrobe for almost TWO MONTHS, into the wardrobe before I sleep. *nods*

now my freakin nails look the same colour as my phone. no freakin thanks to OPI

Shall go finish clearing up.


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