afa Gakupo [sandplay of dragon]

YAY~ finally my riku re-vet after transferring over to my acct from hamster's and my scout and bern left 5 levels to vet. hahaha the joy of vetting~~and the agony too -.-;;;


my new nails look like strawberry milk =3=

den got a call last night and discussion with SY and Davin. So head over to Davin's today to continue the business discussion.
All things will be underway, so do keep note for updates 8D other den this blog, dont bother asking for updates in any other place or irl. I wont share, because I rather see it up and runnin first.


picture @ nex

got caught by SY for camwhoring. WAHAHHAHAHA *shy*

and after N-number of tiems of being asked, i finally caved in to davin's whim. Play monster hunter with him =w=lll
and today, i know sy's login for iphone 8DDDD so nex time davin dont let me play with his, i can snitch sy's phone. BWAHAHAHA *gets smacked* love them both to pieces luh~~ hahahaha...

shall go pa game abit den kun =.= tmr...have to head out again *rolls under bed*


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