EOY + JunXuan's weddin

photobomb caught by davin~ 8D hurhur~~
love the photos he took on his phone, we took two, the other version is on my msn dp 8D because i think i m adorable *flips hair*

dead funny. i think he was going to camwhore, den i shifted into a frame and we started taking pictures together.

i just feel glad things are liek before now though. Its so much more fun and happy, without the tension.


Anyway, yesterday was EOY2010.

the ticket pricing was SHIT. *spits* $16 for on-spot, $15[$13+bookin fee$1+collection fee$1] for preorder via gatecrash and $14*prolly*[$13+bookinfee $1] for preorder via SAM machine[gatecrash].
Before Tim took over, the price was only $12, $10 for preorder via net. so excuse me? how did it managed to jack up so high? To pay your jipun girls is it?
Sorry to any readers who sarpork Tim, but fuck it man.

Okay, so you might be saying. DONT GO LUH SINCE YOU BITCH SO MUCH?
guess what? i DID NOT want to. I went for the sake because of Renaissance, and I promised Davin that i'll be there to show my support [that was BEFORE i know the gatecrash's fucked up pricing].

So before i went in, got caught by ayu to write a message for Aoi.
I was like ehhhhhhhhhhhh *pouts*
I am dead jealous that she gets to go see the gazeboys and i dont okay? hahaha.

but i was in a hurry to get to the renaiboys, so i jus scribbled a message and rushed off. HAHAHA, i cant believe i did that man...so specially on 12/12, i've ditched the gazeboys for the renaiboys. *shakes head* hahaha...but dont worry 8D its back to my gazeboys *hearts*

paid for the tic, saw jon and chat abit with him, den chris picked me up to go to the dressing make room.
and guess what. NEO WASNT THERE. *expected*
so i roam around abit and took photos with everyone

After everyone was done with preparation, had a wittle shoot outside the makeroom, cos liek hi. can you believe it? but this band. has been around for almost a year, but they have NO PROPER BAND PHOTOS. all those promo photos that you see, are merged together from gig pictures by yourstruly.
So yea. sides that, i din really have time to play with the settings, but chris's cam...was not that much redeeming den mine. the only diff is that he has a wider shoot range. The pictures was only naise, in teh cam. lol. more work for me *flops on bed*

The performance was not exceptional, but it was good. Some girls really jus came in for Renaissance only. So proud of them. They made hall full of cheers, and its not only those fapping otakus who support the jipun girls OR girls who are "moe" but sing liek crap shit. I am really hopin they'll move up higher.

After the gig, everyone seem to jus poof into thin air. smoke break, toilet, food, run around etc. Davin however wasnt that lucky. Poor guy. gastric problems, he was practically dying in the make room even when I was leaving. *hughug* but you did well~
SY was another one who flopped on the table totally dead when she came back from her smoke break =A= i was liek. homggggggg. needs to cab them homeeeeee. but davin had to wait for pearson to get his equipments and i m pressing for time, so i left them, still feeling worried for that pair =3=


When i reached swissotel, i was liek. OH so this is swissotel =.= *been walking pass it every freaking time i go liang court* oh rofl. I thought it was on the other side near liangcourt, boy was I wrong.

I reached early ANYWAYS. My parents were supposed to be there at 6 but they have some issues, and arrived at 7 plus later den me =.= they asked me to be there at 7 on the dot somemore.

Lucky this time, because of my hair, i've sucessfully distracted boyflens questions from elders. YAY.
Almost all of my relatives from that side couldnt recognise me, cos we only met once a year, and i started gyaru/ageha stuffu zeriously only liek after new year??
So yea. shockingggg *sacarsm*
Looking at all of us now, we've all grown up.I couldnt really remember all their names even though we played around alot as kids.

Kelly was 8 years my elder, but she've always took great care of me when we are kids. I loved her to pieces, if i've been in contact with her during my much-more-frivoulous-days, i think I would have really fell in love with her 8D
but no sorry, i m only true to my hubby nowwww *huggles him*

den there was ling di and Charlene, the sisters. ling di dont really talk to me when we were young, but she does now, and she's liek super tall and smart. Charlene is from nursing and elder of the sister, always including me in things *much thanks and love*

den the brothers? wilson and weijie. My memory of wilson is this good lookin guy who doesnt talk much, now when I see him again, he has more of a grownup charm and definitely a charming smile *heh*
my memory of weijie was getting bullied and made fun of by him, CONSTANTLY. When we advanced to secondary, he became rather quite. Now he is all korean-ish good lookin, and very much refined *nodsnods*

i cant believe i used to play with them. Everyone has grown up.

Anyway, the main lead is JunXuan.
He's always been rather nice to me. Liek a big brother to a sister I guess, even though we dont always talk[okay we only talk when we meet..liek once or twice a year].
So yea. He's now this charming man, with a pretty waifu.
Really happy for them. Dont really like the designs of her gowns though.
So yeap, he's a happy man now. 7 years of courtship.


Gonna go back to editting pictures now before I knock out again tonight.

*target: at least finish half of the mini shoot's picture RAWR*


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