Retarded photogs.and their Androgynous ideas

an unreleased shot which hasnt really been edited properly.

YESH. because it warrants for a rage at 1023AM in the freaking morning.



no. i m not dissing their ARTSY FARTSY idea, I am dissing them for havin the same fucked up thoughts and ideas.

you might tell me that idea clashes, its for art, BLAH BLAH BLAH. fuck you. and your explantions. tell that to FIVE other photogs.
call me self-delusional,vain,haughty,proud,shameless, WHATEVER. I DO NOT CARE.
but my selling point has always been the fact that my looks are very flexible.

here is a magnificent work that i have come up with within 10mins of sifting through my drive. *click for bigger picture*


is biker jacket+nobra one of them? NO.

you see. i dont have a problem with biker jacket + no bra.
the problem i have with is they do not want me to any form of proper taping for decency. because they wan it to look NATURAL~ my ass really, all you want is to take pictures of my nipples.

reference massive picture,
img 1 [purple hair black shirt full lenght]

That picture was taken in public, unbuttoned up to below chest, zero exposure.
incase anyone doesnt get androgy
guy look like girl, girl look like guy thing

mr Davin, is a very good example. I m sure ppl who read my blog are entirely familiar with him.

and den i know ppl are going to say, its for art blah blah blah.

guess what. they go even further.
can you take underwear only with biker jacket without... HOI. IN PUBLIC?
are you retarded or vhat? you know ish public indecency anot?

den you guys are prolly going to ask me to ask them to fuck off or dont listen to them, den what about art?

I give photogs a chance to speak for themselves. I listen to what they have in mind, which resulted in pretty good shoots cos i know I am in safe hands.

but why is it that 60% of photogs in SINGAPORE that i know. yea, 60%.
10% has really artsy ideas that i liek
10% really jus shoot nude and nothingelse[so those wont contact me because they are sensible]
20% are cosplay photogs that i know[*frips hair cos i liek to anyhow allocate percentage cos cosplay photogs are awesome*]

60% of them would come up to me asking for all sorts of funny things.

fuck you, and your fapping equipments. it is not the epitomy and i simply refuse to entertain that retarded idea.

esp the part where you do not let me tape down for decency.

call me a bitch for not understandin art, call me a fail model and i'll never make it far.
because I WILL NOT. I RATHER NOT if i have to entertain such ideas.
You might not do anything to me, but i cannot stand that lewd eyes behind the cam.
you might say that i cannot judge because i haven work with you, but lookin at your pathetic port, YES I CAN.

I am not shootin down all photogs. I am only shootin the percentage who thinks that it is a good idea and has a vomit-able port.

you know what i think?
instead of exploring ARTSY FARTSY ideas, how bout you freakin brush up some skills first?

I've seen ports with TONS of photos[lingerie, nude, implied] but the quality are liek fuck crap, rubbish. Which makes them look SLEAZY and not ARTISTIC.

how about you take fashion or everyday photos? make them awesome, den start taking other themes?
fashion is art too. Photogs who cannot appreciate should jus stop taking photos altogether, because you are suppose to appreciate every single motion in life.
You think fashion is boring? thats cos you are lookin at singapore ah lian fashion.
Fashion from all over the world are so diversified and wide, that you can spend your whole life and you can never finish shooting them, why? because they fucking change every half a year.kthxbye.

the bottom of line of this rage?
pretty much nothing. jus a simple steam let out post.
thank you thank you ヾ(´ω`=´ω`)ノ

feelin good nau that i prolly jus wasted everybody's 5-10mins of life reading this crap. Shall go put on my makeup and do my hair nau ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ *slips off before reader rage for non-conclusional ending*


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