*rolls over and dies*

hahaha liek lady boss onleh~~~

this week is going to be busy busy busehhhhhhhh

because plans are in place, so we gotta rush rush and rushhh /0/ woohoo~~
Will be spending my week mainly with sy+davin and lawliet[seperately]

went out with davin today to walk around and spot. Lucky gf in office, sho she can check up the prices liek super fast. It was good to go out, changes are made constantly~ Things are lookin good so far.
After that girlfriend came over to show us the pictures that she shopped~ All rather naise but OOS. hahaha XD
discussed a little here and there after that was pa game session.

MH is a bitch to play =.= I SWAERRRRRRRR. by the end of one freakin quest, my left hand will be near cramping, and it doesnt help the the character run so freaking slowly... *used to playing games with fast running characters or buffed characters with speed without having to sheath/unsheath weapon constantly*

so. basically.
davin was running me through some of the quests slowly lo. usually i leave the killing to him, while i go hide. BWAHAHAHAH /0/ i'll only hit when i get the split second chance 83 chopped off one of the tail...davin praised me...and i DIED. WAHAHAHA /0/


tmr will be shooting with lawliet at night and also nua-ing with her *whereever she want to nua* on christmas eve because i promised to be her present for that day.

den the rest of the week will prolly be spent with the couple, discussing, pruchasing and pa game. lol. its a new hobby =w=b

shall return to GE for abit nau~~
and also make supper. *starvingg*


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