Thursday, December 2, 2010

Something i missed out =w=;;


This is a total weird coincidence, but i m actually using similar nail colours as kanako now WITHOUT knowing =A=/ red and blue~~

So besides from slobberin on dragon voice[manga], I am actually being intellectual these days. I am currently reading Princess of Gossips[by Sabrina Bryan and Julia Devillers]. It is your typical highschool stuff read, but it is pretty good.

I am going to start on another book tmr maybe after I finished the current one later. I'd say I m pretty fast to finish this in one day 8D okay... I can actually finish it in one seating of prolly 6-7hours, but I got distracted. Like...MAJOR distractions. hahaha


one thing I actually left out in my prev post =w=;; MY PHONE BROKE DOWN.

oh the sorrows ;A; my pretty silver little love
but den again, the screen was screws and the usb linkage for going crazy.
So now I am currently using my mom's old phone till i get a new one, once my plan is up that is...


I am totally lazy. So slapped on base make, abit of blush[totally not visible in pictures imo], mascara. I couldnt even bothered about how my eyes look, so I jus popped on the specs ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ yay lazy me~~ but it looked good anyway. studious 8D hahaha

was wearing the jacket because... i wore a sleeveless too short and pants to loose. You can see teh strip of flesh 8D I was constantly stared at for it, not that I minded, but the cold *brrrrr* I m not a fan of.


totally empty~ hahahaha den again it was rather off-peaked.


totally estatic to know that I am gettin new readers or constant readers. Totally loving you guys. Maybe I should do some kind of giveaway thingy when I am free 8D or rather when I have the money to. OH GOD. POOR ME ;A;

makes me really jealous about ppl who gets sponsors.

freakin necklace he wore @ NLSB is worth at least 10+k SGD. TEN PLUS THOUSAND =A=.
i wont wanna elaborate on the fact that he wear rings, bracelets, earrings and COLLECTS ACCESSORIES. geez. I wanted one of his necklaces pretty bad though *shrugs* I thought it was prolly 300-500 odd, and was thinkin of scrimping and desperately try and save up for it. However 10+k?! no way in hell...i rather choose hell...I am jus not that reach LOL.


I leave you to hyperventilate at the prices while i go wallow in misery in this little corner of my bed with my wittle pillows (´д`)


On a side note.

Be happy with what you have and what you can get in life, because the odds are pretty much that you will not freaking get it again.

I dont count my blessings, but I've certainly learnt to appreciate some things in life and learnt to not be too greedy. Luck will run away when you are too greedy.

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