totally hating.

Empty bus on my way back home in the morning

fuck your rules man. ugh.
totally hating it completely nau.

a three hour continuous scolding can do alot of damage to one person's brain, ESPECIALLY MINE.
fuck it.


on the other hand.

I wished that sometimes words arent thrown around so carelessly because I hate it when I do remember them and take them seriously, only to find out that it has been forgotten...I dont really want to remind, because I do not want to burden with my selfish reasons.

I rest my case.

nau, i shall go wriggle into one corner and spend the rest of my day there. me and my corner because nothingelse matters.

on the wittle happy side. SY loaned me her ageha mag last night, and i found her library loan recipt. The books she borrowed are so her.


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