2011 New Year~

yes. we should start new year with Guileasto~~ hurhur~ i m planning to do this versionnnnnnn 83 liek so dreamy only 8D

So hmmm ~.~ bloggin now because I promised Ren lasst night that this would be an epic post 8D

so approx around 11.45PM on 31/12/10
i went to bath with Ren.
HAHAHAHA OKAY SO WRONG!!! the correct term should be...I went to bath, and so did Ren. At individual toilets far away from each other 8D hahaha.

so yeap. but we decided it would be fun to both wear the NLSG encore T-shirt together on the first day of the year~~with wet hair. cos wet hair is jus sexy that way.

so here are our awesome pictures~~~

me with shades because i dont wanna look damn chui 8D
and ren lookin absolutely cute can?

it was awesome luh.
I made him happy, and he humored me. It was a great start to the new year ~~ *twirls around*

Slept in quite late yesterday...prolly around 2AM?? woke up around at 2PM today.
Decided that I should get on to the gifts or i'll NEVER finish them in time for wednesday =.=;;;

so yea. i got down to work...

starting with Hamster's den working to Kent's and ending with Hamster's


The contents are similiar BUT different, however I realised that without planning to, the amount i've used for both their gifts are the same 0.0 even though they are very much different. LOL.

hope that they'll like it, cos they will be the only ones who have such gifts from me. Never gonna do it again i think =.= cos...
1. it is an ass to open up all the capsules without spoiling them
2. to write on those little pieces of paper
3. to roll them back into correct sizes to pop into the ring
4. to pop the capsules back properly


But i guess the most expensive gifts that I am giving out this year is still to the couple ~.~ just...patiently *oknotsopatiently* waiting for them to reach singapore.


Something epic jus happen.
Twinneh panicked over msn cos she thought the ring I gave her yesterday will rust. LOL. On the other hand, she knows how to get rid of rust. *facepalm* unwanted panic attacks. HAHHAHAH

which reminds me.
It is time to expand mah ring collection. Just did on the 30th. two new rings~~~ shall upload pictures of it when I am free.


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