fuck mai life okay?

This will be a no picture post because my life sucks this week so much.

on to a ragin problem first.

I do not remember ever being mean to you. I've been helpin you out all the time. Even when things happen, I toss everything aside and continued talking to you, this is what happens?? What did I ever do to you that you must always twist stories and words in such a way that it harms me even when I've not said anything and YOU were the one who was saying every single thing at that time??

how can you be so fucking two-faced?? Do you feel truimphant now that you have done so much? was that the initial idea of knowin me?

This just feels like a deja vu of whatever happened in primary school that has resulted in my twisted personality back den. I spend so much time and took so much to walk out of it, just to meet another person of the same kind to push me back in.
If this is the way it should be, den mayb I should stay in. Sounds like a pretty good idea.


secondly, my laptop is experiencing a slight mild disfunction...
suspect the harddrive is gone case.

Seriously mom. How long do you expect a laptop to last? 8 years??
well. mayb the laptop would have last longer is you have never fucking SCRIMPED on it?? ever thought about that?? penny for quality ma. I am thankful that you gave me your old laptop, and it died on me, i did not make a single noise, tried to save it first before i approach dad and its my fault that i wake up, on the laptop and it did not on??

and btw, the 5 bucks fan cooler you gave me DOES NOT WORK WELL FOR 3 YEARS RUNNING.
its only fucking 5 bucks. you expect it to run well?? It sounds like a fuckin old man heaving every time i start up the damn laptop okay?? so fuckin scary.

bloggin on my dad's netbook nau btw


fuck my life this week ok? it has really been damn shitty. I just wan sit in a corner of my room and stop moving altogether. Its just so frustrating... call me whiny or whatever... you chose to read this.

on a side note of goodness.

Garder La Foi is moving along. Not fast, but at least there is something going on.
Just incase you are interested to know the full lineup of brands. What we have left right now is Moussy, SLY, Snidel, LizLisa, Growing Rich, Jane and a few brandless pieces.

I cant wait for tmr really... i m looking forward to heading out with twinneh and forgettin all the shit that is happening around me... i might even start packin up a little later... the condition of the room is adding to my depressing state... mayb i should start throwin clothes away too...


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