Garder La Foi

Garder La Foi is now officially up and running /0/

So happy~~
main shop/ blog:

fb page:!/pages/Garder-La-Foi/151587684889992

Well, I cant say much as part of the operation cause people will say that I am praising my own products too much, so I will leave it to buyers/ shoppers to actually realise how good our stuff are 8D

I just want to talk about my two favourite pieces from the shop~~~

From the ageha pieces, this would definitely be the pick. I was so totally sure that I would not suit this piece at all... turns out not this way 8D;; I actually quite like the way I look in it~~~ alot. HAHAHAHA

From the gyaru items, it would definitely be this top. I dont know what is it with me and bright dark pink. I hate the colour, but the colour looks somewhat good. *slaps forehead* I remember raging when my first ageha dress came in this pink instead of the blue i've ordered... but when i tried it on... wala. it fits naise. LOL!! maybe its my skin colour or something.

As much as I love these two pieces, I cant have them... reason? because i have no more cash left after gettin my new year clothings and my gazestte shirts[which i have yet to show ( *`ω´) ゞ] ORZ, den again, even if i have money, I would also spend them on essentials like my makeup wipes *headdesk* which I still have none. 4th day without makeup, and i went out thrice already HAHAHA, once to davin's and twice to driving and out with mom and dad 8D;;; phails. *headdesk more*\


On a side note~ my fake nails hash finally dropped out 8DDD hahah cept for the middle finger...i cant pluck it off but the gold flower dropped off already WAHAAHAHHA

Looking forward to the blingbling buying session with twinneh this sat~~proudly sponsored by mama 8D;; hahahaha *more phails* I am really like some kind of leech. bleah.


Shall go wriggle somewhereelse and sigh at my pathetic-ness. OH ROFL.


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