Nokia Ovi Workshop by Nuffnang



I cant really remember what happened that day but i did make a new friend[also from cosplay scene LOL], and prolly some impression. I also did later found out that LEon[link in list] attended the same workshop but we failed to see each other.

so here are some pictures from that day

Freebie~ Nokia Mouseeee

Our handsome speaker HAHAHA *dies laughing*

Samples of those chio N8 phones that people will win 8D

Teh awesome food 8DDD there were really tons LOL

I am not really creative imo, so yeap.

Just posting this for people to browse and download my app~

If I actually win the phone[by gettin most downloads most prolly but its only for nokia phones i think], I would do a little giveaway, like some makeup products or what i guess 83

I guess thats about it. I cant really focus on this.
The program to create your app btw, is really really idiot-proof 83 you can go ahead and try it.

I will prolly blog about my room keepin and 2NE1 the nex time 83


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