sakurina's new nails. I need new nails for the shoot on saturday and CNY!!! Anyone wanna pay for them?? HAHAHAHA which reminds me... i still have a $10off and a gift that i have yet to claim from SaigonStar but I just dont have that kind of spare cash nau anyway 8D;;;

and nahpehz... my new fake nails haven come... and i dont think they will make it for new year either *rolls eyes* oh well~

From prev post~ both of them had already tried on their present

here is sy's

YAY boobies~~~

davin's one is abit loose but not un-wearable, jus irritatingly loose as it seems.


yesterday is prolly the travel-alot-day for me...
Woke up early in the morning to meet davin @ Chinatown to get cloth for backdrop. As usual, that auntie ish super naise~~

Went to get breakfast first @ macs before heading to get the cloth. At macs, i kenna nagged by davin early morning for my messy room... cos prev night i couldnt find my stuff and i panicked to him online. zzzz early morning tio nag. hahaha

After gettin cloth and other stuff, walked abit den headed to his house.
It was quite late by the time he finished ironing the cloths, so i took a couple of picture for him, left instructions and left the poor boy to do it alone. I had driving @ 4pm *shrugs*

So head down to lakeside... it was alright. Met ah gong on my way to meet poh yee, by coincidence so invited him to join us for dinner. Had dinner @ BK, chatted around for abit.
After that, went home straight, cos me and ah gong couldnt think up of anythingelse to do after pohyee had to go find her mom.

Reached home... and... CONCUSSED. WTF ROFL!!!! i think i was that tired maybe... but i woke up around say 11pm?? and went online. Checked up on a few stuff, chat with natalie till around 1.30pm??? bath, finished another quest in MH and went on to sleep @ 2 something PM, realising its fucking hard to sleep. Sooooooo rolled around here and there and finally fell asleep... or semi-asleep... i couldnt really remember. Hahahaha 8D

Shall go make myself some awesome breakfast nau~~


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