CNY day4

coords for CNY day4. total dressdown, but with my gaze sleeveless <3 Black Moral FTW.

I am not blogging the other pictures anytime soon cos i so absolutely cannot live without mah photoshop, and my laptop still has a problem *nods*

went to my cousin's during morning. I have alot of cousins btw. For those who follows my twitter, I am sure you guys have read, so abit of my cousin list on my mom's side before i continue so you get a better view of the whole thing 8D my mom's younger sis's kids. My favourite cousin: Feng @paradoxicalx[on twitter] feng's brother: Wilson

my mom's elder brother's kids

eldest: Eugene [the one who surrendered his laptop]
2nd son: Leonard [the one who loaned me his iphone to tweet]
3rd: Samuel
youngest: Edwin

So yeap.
When I went over, Eugene gave up his laptop to me VOLUNTARILY and even went to get a drink for me... so the convo went like that...

e: you wan a drink?
me: uh. shureeeeeee... nothing gassy though
e: green tea can?
me: cool.
-2mins later-
e: *came back with two cups and vodka* I found this instead

my cousin. who is three years younger den me, fed me with alcohol. HAHAHAHA epic much.
he is my lucky partner-in-crime/advisor in daidi this new year MUAHAHAHA 8D

After that, we had steamboat and den drink abit more, i played one round of mahjong and looked at the time... i was horrendously too my-paced. I told kent 2 something TPY, but 2something i was still at woodlands. GG hahaha

so reached there around 3 something i think??? Den i even detoured to go look at some bazaar selling dresses there... loving the maxi pink piece, but kinda pricey for the thin material.

So after that headed over to kent's place. We jus nua-ed. HAHAHHA okay luh, he tried to play monster hunter but i was distractin him totally by bouncin his huge rilakuma on his tummeh 8DDD so end up, he gave up playing and jus nua with me until both of us nearly slept. Thank god his bro was playing game and we were both watching besides chatting with each other 83

ok fine. my fault cos i dont feel like playing =3=/

After that, went to PS to have dinner and met up with Davis and his girlfriend. GOD. they are the epitome of PDA [Public Display of Affection] but I am very happy for him really ^^

den when we were going home, i felt nausea, went to the toilet and threw up... totally not intentional OTL but lucky it was all liquid, so it wasnt that bad.

Reached home, online for awhile and concussed.


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