GLF @ Bazaar and random post of life.

Official details here:


DATE : 9th February 2011 - 10th February 2011

VENUE: National University of Singapore

21 Lower Kent Ridge Road, S(119077)

NUS Science Foyer LT 27

TIME : 10am - 6pm

Do not miss it ^^v


just some random stuff about today 83

went for driving early morning... manage to drive 3 hours without attempting to kill anyone in the process 8D

cooked my own lunch [fried rice plus leftovers from yesterday's steamboat]
and had a diabolical plans for my backlog. LOL /0/

CNY Day1 backlog nearly cleared. *oh joy*

Besides that, I was thinking if i should jus open another blog for all the fashion stuff, liek ageha/gyaru/visual. Cos i thought tags would arrange everything nicely but turns out tags are gettin messier by the time i increase it 8D;;;

den again, i m a lazy buip. I shall jus stick to taggies first *nods


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