Garder La Foi @ Orchard Central day1

never really sleep much so i m chui max now currently, will blog with pictures tmr after the event is over i guess 83

all the info are in here

i wan my freebieeeeeeeee *kpkb* the MICHELLE ar, told us that we can register after the event, cb, cannot. I WAN MY FREEBIE.
anyway, tmr i m catchin the lancome show 83 freebie plox +1
I am cheap that way.

Garder La Foi are starting NEW preorders for the clothes to be brought in and also SHOES. So come on down and see what we have to offer and people who preorder gets to choose thier type of mystery gift to go along with their orders 8DDDD
Coming down to the event, you will also be able to judge the quality of our clothes for yourselves~~~

We will be slashing prices tomorrow too as a special 83 hur~~~

we will be opened there from 11.30am till 6pm~~
see you thar 83


sometimes no matter how long the time has past, there are still some things which are hard to look at still


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