Just a random post.

i swear the only idiot who will visit me late at night with his bear... there is only one..

kent. =.=

Glad that he came though, had a nice talk with him... while we finished up the sweets that he gave me sometime back....however he brought more food along =A= rofl.
thanks for contributing to my sore throat, dearest niisan =w=/

Paint some new nail colours for myself today~~~
changes the pink parts to dark purple and the blue parts to dark red. Same scheme.
Changed my toe nail colours too~~~ shall post a picture of my nails soon ~

Eh... i pretty much have sore throat these few days, and I m not helpin it by eatin deep fried stuff.
I have to iron my DOLLS stuff soon @_@ damn lazy can... i have yet to get white pants still *shit* gotta go find one pair soon *sobs*

but... I AM OFFICIALLY BROKE. THANK YOU THANK YOU~~~ i dont even have enough to take public transport out already. YAY /0/

shall roll around at home until i get a job den.. /0/

oh yea. laoban is comin home tonight too~~~
Ston哥 bully me la... say he was discussing with laoban to sell/market me @ $5 per hour. SO CHEAP CAN!!!
In the end we decided at 7.5/hr with decent customers... YAY~~ WTF! *flips table*

ok. shall go back to my hunterXhunter.
Hisoka is love with his funkeh and un-funkeh hair~~~


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