ehmmmm suppose to be jus now.. but time got away...

wahahah!!!!! sorry m(_ _)m

I was suppose to blog about this approx. 3 hours ago, but... i went to watch movie on my HDD /fail ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

So ehm. Happy bdae SY~ [suddenly becomes belated but forgive me!! \(>o<)/

yep /0/ hurhur


so~~ pretty much, there is nothing to blog about because I've been staying home... cept for driving my parents... oh wait. oh yea.

Chiru came over to my place to try out prom make. hahaha ionno, i have this urge to always help out girls who are having prom nights, because I regretted not lookin my best for prom night cos back den I was still a kid. Helped out mika for hers before too~

so yea... erm.. my parking is gettin better *ithink* at least i dont freak and complain while parking anymore HAHAHA!!!


To the second main point~~~ CHIO SHOES!!!


I am going to order some chio shoes that dreamv went OOS on (ToT)
and I m going to do so by 11th, no matter who joins me or me ordering alone.

Here is the album~~
please read the details

and here are some of the items that i can bring in~ but of course, i wont be buying these though hur!

and so. i end here
what am i bloggin about really *tch * (*・_・)ノ⌒*


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