because i swear to brog properly ;A;


I m trying to blog properly nowadays because I think that blogging has something to do with my mood. or mayb not. I am just being troublesome.

Today I was suppose to clean up my room...keyword: SUPPOSE.
I prayed to god of packing [there is no such god really people], but he did not respond. well... I did manage to throw out some clothes, and a HUGE handful of lingerie...
Allow me to explain... some lingerie, I do not wear anymore because their designs are old, they are old, they are worn out or simply because they are trainer lingerie. *nods* I haven thrown any out since I was... 12. Prolly. So they jus stacked up.... /embarassed

On top of that, I even realise that I have 4 shirts of the same design in two different sizes. /failmuch

The other day when I was doing my laundry, I hung up one whole row of BLACK SHIRTS [that is like prolly 15 of them or something], hell...I am even wearing one myself now. It was like a nightmare.
I went like... homg... IS MY SENSE OF FASHION LACKING ALREADY AT SUCH AN AWESOME AGE? actually... after that... I realise that nah~~~ it is just that I seldom head out nowadays *flips finger*

But the amount of t-shirts just scares me. BWAHAHAHA but den again i love snuggling in shirts hur. /slack please.

So i managed to clear like two full slots in my wardrobe to hold the clothes that I've been throwing around my bed and room.. like FINALLY~~~ tmr I shall proceed to packing them up. I should also start throwing out things from in my room also... there are so much things that I just do not need anymore but I keep hanging on to them... sometimes I wonder why too...

As for my merchandises of GSD and GS... I am going to let go of them very soon... Full sets and what nots... I sure will miss them, but they are doing no good around my house either. so yeap..

have joo voted yet? ;A;!/Sana.Singapore?sk=app_152439108153566

Anyway... I just thought that this blogpost deserved a reblog 8D
from Bryan love ~~~ hurhur

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and this note by Riku deserves a reblog too
Jrock community in Singapore

If they are prepared to write, they are prepared to be slammed. However, I think both of them are right in their own views somehow.


My feelings are not half-assed, and neither do I want to be returned with such.
I am serious about what I am doing and how I will try to work for my future.


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