Work @ Alienware

My mood has been damn rotten these few days... and it gets especially bad when the night falls.

Anyway, i've been watching Junjou romantica again. Cant stop laughing at it... seriously. It must be the funniest BL anime that I've watched in all my life... I am actually loving the comedy more den the pairings... I think Akihiko should go out with me instead hurhur ポッ(*゚.゚)(゚.゚*)ポッ

First all of~~~

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and nowwww
on to the main topic of the day

went to work at the opening of Alienware's first store
but seriously...he was too picky about the clothings. It is not like we are cosplay magicians or whatever. How do you expect us to come up with game outfits[that cost MONTHS and HUNDREDS] overnight?
All you wanna do is to attract people right? We did what.
What is with the comment of : I DONT LIKE THE WAY THOSE GIRLS ARE DRESSING

Sorry, but we have better fashion sense, and we look closer to the games then the other girls.(,,#゚Д゚):∴;'・,;`:ゴルァ!!

with that aside. I am actually quite happy to get the job. It was for alienware and I had fun working.

on to pictures ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆
I've switched the pictures resolution to a bigger one. If you guys prefer the smaller one, do comment and i'll change it back for the nex post.

did miku on Day one.

before dressing up lololol


unglam twinneh





twinneh worn out , cos the bunch of hair looks funny

went out with twinneh on friday for the meido training, after that head down to PS because we meeting Soh for dinner @ POMO.
Saw a ring that caught my attention

no photography, but i took photos anyway

Second day [this were the outfits that the person did not like]
This outfit was actually closer to a game that was featured on their shop board den our miku outfits.







Anyway, I feel that I should publicize abit though, because I so love their stuff

The Alienware products are available in Singapore from April 28, 2011 on, and at the Alienware Concept Store in Suntec City Mall with the following pricing;

· Alienware M11x starting from S$1,999

· Alienware M14x starting from S$2,299

· Alienware M17x starting from S$3,699

I've seen the computers.
Their keyboards are lit up with LEDS, fucking awesome.
The small one was epic and the largest 17" was HUUUGEEEEE it is like. FUWAH /0/

For specs of what not, check out their website

Just a small quote from their Press Release
ew Gaming Experiences Built for You

For gamers seeking a mobile HD gaming experience who want a balance of performance and mobility, the new 14-inch M14x offers the best of both worlds. Weighing in at less than 6.5lbs, the M14x features full-voltage second-generation four- and two-core Intel Core i CPUs, discrete graphics and an optical disk drive. Additionally, the M14x offers updated graphics featuring the NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M with up to 3GB of graphics memory.

For the truly mobile gamer, the M11x has long been a favorite, but now it’s even better! New improvements to the popular M11x include second-generation Intel Core i processors with Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, updated graphics featuring the NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M. The latest M11x also features a soft touch finish with a new Nebula Red option.

The new M17x is Alienware’s first 3D capable gaming laptop, offering a realistic, lifelike, mobile gaming experience in a 17-inch display. With its available full HD 120Hz 3D display, the new M17x offers eye-popping stereoscopic viewing for today’s most realistic gaming and mind-blowing 3D Blu-ray movie experiences.

meh. fuck my old laptop. it is giving me so much problems that it isnt even connecting to my main internet line now... using the broadband mobile so it is slow like WOO~~~. I need a new laptop ._.

My mom has two new Levono, and refuses to even spare me one. PFT.
*wriggles off in a fit*


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