YOSHHHHHH /0/ I am back~~~

not yet fully alive and kicking, but I am managing.

first of all, lets gets things that are stalling out of the way before i start my ramblings 8D


Teh giveaway will be fully revamped to cater to all my readerssss HUR. /hint/hint
So previous logs will not be counted and will be restarted again. Do look forward to the giveaway that I am planning at the end of this month/start of next month.


WOOHOO~~~ I am going to stop procrastinating about it. Soooooo.
First I will need comments on a good long-term video editor~~~ i really love my previous editor, but it is just a trial version. I did have another vid editor given to me by Locke, but it did not really load on my computer with errors everywhere. /sad maybe i m that much of a computer-idiot 8DDD so you can suggest in the comments belowwwww ~~~ヾ(^∇^)

NEXT. to help me decide which video to make first. Should I do ageha/gyaru makeup or should I do visual instead? Let me know in the poll to the right /0/

now we got that two out of the way~~~~

we shall settle down with abit of update on my life.
I've got a job, I am still broke, I am generally half-crazy already, but still alive.
That prolly sums it all up in a sentence. =w=b oh, i've fallen sick on the second week of work.. explains alot about how much work does to me 83

I look forward to comments from old AND new readers *gives out cookies*
Loving you guys for reading this and motivating me as always~~~

ps. blogging at work *inserts xedo face*


Chaudie said…
Congrats on returning from the dead. Please don't eat my brain. lol

I voted on your poll. And I think you should do a layout revamp to represent both styles you do. It would look really cool.

Anyways looking forward to more great posts.
misfitdina said…
I'm a new reader but I really appreciate your return(: About the video editor, I'm not sure. Sorry I'm no help xD. But, I know how it is to blog and have a job x_x So tired from work that all I have to blog about is complaints haha. Anyway, I hope things get better with your job(: Good luck!
Misfitdina >> HEY~ thanks for reading <3 really appreciate it. It is readers like you who make it worthwhile for me to blog about everything[besides complaints for jobs hahah XD]. Will do updates more oftenly~~

Chaudie >>> HAHAH omnomnomnom~~ yea. i've been thinking of revamping my layout since...two years ago /lol but i m just such a procrastinator and a idiot at html *laughs* I will get down to it as soon as possible. /0/ *one more thing to get down to doing on the list*
i will try to make more posts hur~~~thanks again
froggy~ said…
okay a random question: I am looking for the 3. guy/girl (wtf) from left because of his/her hair, so, HOW IS THIS!? >3< please~ help me D:
Froggy >>> m afraid i cant help u because i m nt a fan of the band. U mighy have better luck savin the picture n askin on a visual forum or something? Its a guy btw~ all guys ^^

His hair is totally possible n do-able. Its quite common actually

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