Gyaru/Ageha Manifesto Meme

Chance on this while reading, original came from Moments like Diamond
gonna change this abit cos i m not really very gyaru HAHAHAHA

Name: Sochii

Location: Singapore
Occupation: Inventory assistant [wish i had more stylish/interesting job]
Height: 165CM
weight: 44kg
Hair/Eyes: 1/4 black , 1/4 grey brownish, dark brown

First discovery of gyaru/ageha:Feb 2010??

Your Gyaru/ageha Style: Ageha/Agejyo, Onee Gyaru, Amekaji, Rokku

Your Top 5 Gyaru/ageha Model Inspirations:

Rina Sakurai [Sakurina]

Kanako Katabawa

Sumire [deceased]

*gets bricked* no relation but i love her can?
Akira [Kera]

Chie Chika Yoshikawa(Guri Gura) [they count as a MODEL.] HAHAHAHA

Your Top 5 Gyaru/ageha Non-model Inspirations: [i dont have 5]

Ayumi Hamasaki

Namie Amuro

BoA [she's not really gyaru/ageha but she has elements mixed in]

Your 3 Favorite Gyaru/ageha Magazines:




The Top 6 Gyaru/ageha Brands you like best: cecil mcbee, golds inifinity,growing rich, sugar&jewel, stella, LinoSug

3 of Your Favorite Coordinates: (not your own) [i tried to kill myself while finding these. lol. i m not interested in filling this section out cos my style is so diversed ~.~lll]




Your 7 Favorite Fashion Items That You Own:
Cecil Mcbee blazer
Dazzy.c One piece
Golds Infinity babydoll
Offbrand UnionJack blue sweater
santa barbara brown heels
all my colourful t-shirts
All my rings

Top 10 Gyaru/ageha Fashion Goals:
- get richer [wtf is this even a gyaru/ageha goal], fashion = money anyway.
- Learn to do curls which can last a whole 24 hour without floppin after 4hours
- Be recognised for my fashion/make/hair
- not to be lazy
- finish up tutorial requests
- run in 15cm heels[fml. hahaha]
- slim down
- have better skin
- improve makeup
- runaroundrollonthefloorfloponbed[okay, i lost my concentration here]

Top 5 Gyaru/ageha Achievements:
- found gyaru/ageha style [YAY FOR GIRLY ME. diu my life =.= ]
- learnt how to put on falsies to achieve doubleyelids without having a fight with doubleeyelid tap. [fuck u eyelid tape _|_]
- learnt to mori
- have people who are into gal styles / gyaru-o following my blog \0/ [used to be all visual kei]
- achieving diamond ash hair [going back to that colour if i ever have a job that allows it]

Thats all =w= god. i m hungry.
There will be part two normal blog post, stay tune for it =w=b


Jessy said…
this is a very interesting post~~~i really like Sakurina too~~~one of my other favorite from Ageha Magazine is Sayo~~~

Marie said…
Came across your blog at random. I love the flavor and style of your blog.


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